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The Stealth Tank profile. Credits to Starfox100, Alexandro and SecretCroc for making the video. Enjoy and stay tuned.

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Desigantion: EW-5
Affiliation: Nod
Role: Anti- aircraft, Anti- vehicle
Armament: Rocket Pod
Type: Medium Tank
Speed: Fast


The Stealth Tank has been part of Nod's arsenal since the First Tiberium War, when it was introduced as Ezekiel's Wheel. After the Firestorm Crisis however, Stealth Tanks were extremely rare to see on the battlefield, as not many Nod splinter cells could afford great numbers of them to be made. The Black Hand under Marcion's orders created a cheap, light and sleeky version of the Stealth Tank, which was still used by some commanders during the Third Tiberium War. That Stealth Tank, though sleek, it lacked enough armor and weaponry to survive after firing its first salvo, and thus was scrapped and replaced by an upgarded version of a TW2 prototype which was never used after the reunification of Nod.

The new Stealth Tank possessed a combination of flexibility, deadliness and survivability, making it a true heir to the line of Brotherhood Stealth Tanks. Most commonly, the Stealth Tank was used in ambushes, remaining in stealth and when the target closed in, fired a salvo of rockets that only the heaviest of ramor could survive. It was also excellent at acting as a SAM site, taking down enemy aircraft easily and fast, even the Scrin capital ships stood little chance. Additionaly, its already deadly rockets could be enhanced with Tiberium Cores for even more damage against its targets.

"From Ezekiel's Wheel to the current Nod Stealth Tank, the role of the Stealth Tank hasn't changed at all. Stealth, speed and deadliness are enough to define this vehicle, which lays waste to any target, even GDI's heavily armored Mammoth Tanks. However, when stealth detectors are used properly it can be taken down before becoming a threat, as its armor is light, but if it is not taken down with one shot, it will most likely escape as most of the GDI vehicles cannot catch up to it."--GDI Commander's Guide, Nod Arsenal, Stealth Tank--

The Stealth Tanks excel at taking down isolated targets, such as harvesters or transports. Its stealth allows them to get close enough or scout for targets. they can also easily break through a lightly defended part of a base, take down vital instalations and escaping with little or no casualties. This is why stealth detectors are vital against a Nod opponent, especially after the Tech Lab is constructed.


Woops, hold it right there now! We got a canon-issue :P

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I think he's referring to Marcion using or endorsing stealth technology at all.

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Nice, you guys are doing an excellent job with these!

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You've never seen the Firestorm Nod Campaign intro cinematic, have ya TheNodCommander? You didn't think Marcion wouldn't use Anton Slavik's own tactics against him if he did not think it wold produce optimal results?

How easily you forget that Nod ALWAYS plays to win! Seriously, no wonder you're still a brother-commander, you lack ambition brother TheNodCommander. Sheesh.

Also, he had GDI backing because those infidels used him as a puppet once so...yeah. EMPHASIS ON ONCE! Kane did redeem him, even gave him Slavik's old ride The Montauk so that he would forever remain penitent to Kane.

Peace Through Power, biyotch!

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