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Lots of small changes, new unit abilities, treasure items and other things.

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Here's what I've been doing in the last couple of weeks. There are still things to make before the next upate (plus lots of testing), but we're getting there!

- There's no restriction for building near hostile units any more, with the exception for invaders.

- Barracks and watch towers show training progress. Also training units is now slower.


- Watchmen have 'Monster hunter' ability (extra damage against monsters).

- Plague can be ended if pharmacist delivers one load of medicine to an infected house.

- More settings at the start of new game.


- Some creatures (trolls, warlocks, skeleton reapers and elementals) drop random treasure item such as knight's grail (XP boost), treasure chest (coins), ancient book (lore), sword in stone (fame) and magical artifact (magic). Treasure items can be picked up by a squad unit. Several treasure items are also randomly generated somewhere on the map at the start of the game. Some NPC buildings drop treasure items when destroyed.


- Warlock has 'Splash Damage' ability, which means that he deals damage in a 3x3 radius. He also has 'Blink' ability which means that he can teleport randomly when hit in melee.



- Dragon graphics is almost complete.

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