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Our progress with Hearthlands for this week. Some new sprites and the first draft of the World map.

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This week we were mostly preparing for the first public release, while adding some missing sprites and changing ones we weren't quite happy with.

Some pages on the web-site had to be rewritten as well, as a result of adding the download section (it is not live yet).

Despite the fact that it has been 30 °C here all week and I feel like I'm melting, we managed to make some good progress:

Some balance changes and fixes (for example, fisherman used to get stuck if spawned on a tile with fish)

Lots of graphics stuff (rotten crops; new mines and masonry; new gold, iron and coal deposits; new saplings; new road etc.)

New decorative objects on the terrain

Graphics for building status icons

Construction menu now has proper icons

First test on Linux (success, but we'll need to do a full playtest)

Mac OS X build has a proper dmg package now

Started to think what the World map may look like:

Bonus: one huge screenshot (5760x3240).

* * *

At this stage of the development it is really important to get some feedback and understand that people are actually interested in the game. So, if you'd like us to keep being motivated and carry on with the progress, if you're interested in the game — please, let us know. You can do that by leaving a comment, becoming our watcher on Indie DB, or subscribing to one of our social network pages or YouTube channel. You can also write us an email ( or if you're super cool — make a donation.

We'd very like to grow our community, so if you can tell your friends about Hearthlands — it will be awesome.

Thank you in advance,


broken huge screenshot link

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Hearthlands Author

Thanks, fixed.

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