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Please Pardon Our Dust

I've got good news and bad news for you today. Darth Gaius, whom you may recognize from Halo: Covenant at War, has agreed to lend us his composing skills. This means that you'll get to listen to some amazing compositions while racking up time on the outer rim. And the bad news? Well, our host website is down.

LucasForums wrote: Some database repairs in progress. Should hopefully be fixed soon. Hopefully. :S

Which means you don't get a real update this weekend. Sorry, but without being able to look at our online database, I can't post any real news. *fist-shake* That said, here's what I can recall from memory:

Captain Obvious Has Standards Too...

As you can see, I made a new header image for the mod. What you see now at the top is the result of about 15 hours of work in Photoshop, AfterEffects, and Google Images. It's also the result of me neglecting to research the exact image-size required (oops), so once our forums go back online, I'll have Hockey replace it with a properly resided one that I made yesterday.

Trailers Trailers Everywhere!

Not exactly breaking news, but we've added the recently released trailers to the videos section. They're also available on YouTube, but, in the spirit of today's update I can't give you the link because its raining, and my internet runs with the speed of a bush when it rains (thank you HughesNet). Seriously, I took me five minutes just to load the Post News page.

Once More, With Feeling...

Hockey just passed around a video of one of the levels you'll be seeing in the Beta. It looks absolutely amazing, from what I recall it featured a Gunship crashing into a gap forcing you to find some other way through (Hint: Demolitions Time). It also featured something I hadn't heard before: custom dialogue for the main character. Not only that, but it matched up with the subtitles... more or less. On a similar note, I believe that we recruited another voice-actor. Alas, I can't even post his name (did I mention our forums are down?), but he knows who he is. That said, he seems pretty talented, so you should get to hear him in-game. I'm afraid that's it for today folks, hardly an update, but hey, its better than nothing (after all, our website/forums were down). Don't worry, I'll see what I can do once everything is working again.


EDIT: LucasForums is back up, so you can expect a legitimate update soon.

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