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This is just a status report about the mod. Textures replaced,new place and a new Activity

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So,i'm doing very good with the mod.
I'm done with the texture replace on every Light and Medium armor and i'm done with the Next Character's face: Shepard(male and female), Garrus, Tali, Ashle, Kaidan, Conrad Verner, Anderson, Councialors, Nihlus and the Weapons are done too.

And i will add an Activity to the mod too.

Citadel Arena: Geth Challenge from ME3 Ciadel DLC:
You need to play a combat match in the Armax Arsenal Arena against geth on the Blasteroid map. This challenge is not mutually exclusive with other arena challenges and can be completed in the same match as other nonconflicting challenges, such as the Citadel Arena: Medi-Gel Challenge.
However, since it is the first challenge you receive, you will not have
all the match options available to you without completing non-mission

You will find it in Citadel: Armax Arena(New place i will add)

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