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As an action-rpg game, the hero must have stats and skills to display how much growing and potential the player has. The stats system it's not very complex, only a few stats but every one is important to be more combat effective.

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This game, as an action-rpg game, the hero must have have hero stats and skills to display how much growing and potential the player has. The stats system it's not very complex, only a few stats but every one is important to be more combat effective.

Let's take a look at this screenshot:

The character screen shows two parts. Left side, with all the stats and numbers. And the right side, where you can navigate and equip the items you have to the hero.

I'll explain the stats system first. Our hero starts the game with level one, and gains experience killing enemies. Each level up, the player receive X points to spend on the three basic stats, Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence.

Life, not much to say here. More life, more damage can take. Zero life = death. Some items and skills can improve the regeneration rate.

Eter, is the magic reserve energy. Every spell cast cost X points of eter. If you don't have enough eter, you can't cast the spell. The eter regenerates continuously, and some items and skills can improve the regeneration rate.

Strength, increases the max life points and the melee weapon damage (swords, axes...). It's a very important stat for a melee play style. It improves your survival and damage output in melee.

Dexterity, increases your critical strike chance (double damage), and the ranged damage weapons (bows). For a ranged play style, this stat is crucial. Not only increases the damage of your bow, also the critical chance and that means even more DPS.

Intelligence, increases the max eter points and the damage of your spells. More intelligence = more eter = more spells cast = much more damage. The perfect stat for a magic player. The magic in this game is very useful and powerful. With few well casted fireballs you can kill a large group of enemies without even get close.

This are the three basic stats for the different play styles. You decide which is better for you. Go full Strength with some Dexterity to increase the critical chance. Or a mage play style with full Intelligence and some Strength to gain more life points and not be a glass cannon. Is up to you.

Continue with the other stats, these are more defensive/support.

Armor, this stats reduces the damage you take. But not every kind of damage, only the physical (or not elemental) damage. you can stack armor equipping body armors, helmets or shields. Some magical rings can give you armor as well.

Critical, this stat tells you the chance of getting a critical strike every time you hit an enemy with melee or ranged weapons. A critical strike deals double damage.

And finally, the elemental resistances. This stats are very important to mitigate elemental damage (fire, cold, earth, electric) that some enemies deal to you. Remember that Armor doesn't help you at all with elemental damage. Some enemies might have high armor, but low elemental resistances, so it's better to attack them with weapons that deal elemental damage or use spells directly.

Note that some enemies have special resistance to one or more elements. For example, an Ice Elemental have 200 cold resistance, that means not only is immune to cold damage, also any cold damage will heal them for the same amount. But is vulnerable to fire damage because is the opposite element for ice.

The elemental circle is: Fire -> Ice -> Electric -> Earth -> Fire

And now for the item/gear part.

Our hero can have 6 items equipped. HEAD, BODY, RIGHT HAND, LEFT HAND, and two RINGS.

Each item increases any stat of the hero and can give some useful effect. For example, let's take this items:

The sword deals 26 fire damage every hit. It has speed of 7 witch is a fast weapon that can attack quickly. also got two good effects, +7% spell damage and 18% chance on hit to burn an enemy and deal fire damage over time (DoT).

The body armor got nice stats too. Increases armor, strength = more life and melee damage, and 75 more life points.

All weapons and armor can drop with one or more stats/effects. Also you can use alchemy to improve your gear and give it more stats/effects on that item. But this will be in another article.

For a better item navigation, this mini inventory helps you to find the item you want to equip. You can filter the items you have by type (weapons, shields/arrows, helms, body armors, rings). With only moving the mouse over the item, a text scroll will tell you the items stats, damage, armor, speed, effects, etc.

In this game, you can face many different enemies at once. Some with melee weapons and some with ranged. to not stop the game flow going in the inventory and change your sword and shield for a bow every time you need it, you can put it on an second weapon profile. This button change the active profile, so you can have one set of melee weapons and other with ranged. And with a simple hotkey, change your weapons in middle of combat without pausing it.

The next article will be about spells and how it works.

Stay tuned!

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