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Small gather of info regarding current state of work. It will be updated when there will be some major changes occur.

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This is just small state of the work information, where I will just post how mod is feeling, and what was made for that time. Its more for my private use, because by posting it maybe i get some small boost of mood, because I seriously cant force my self to push my self to work... Currently I still have my vacations that will take another two weeks, so I have some free time, but every time when I open my laptop and open folder with those textures... I just look at them for few minutes and then pretend that I have something more important things to do and close that folder... -_-

Of course its not mean that I stop working on it. It just me being lazy, and now instead of making those textures, that I literally have open in window behind browser, I decided that its good time to pretend that its important to inform my self and you what Im doing(or rather what I did before I got lazy...)

So to make it simple here is list of files that Im working on.

Names, are names of folder that Im working on, those numbers are not exact numbers of textures on those folders, but number of textures that im Interested in remaking. Also this count all textures: diffuse and bump, because making bump is actually more time consuming and important that actual diffuse textures, so its count as separate textures.

  • bricks - 31 / 31
  • crete - 255 / 159
  • detail - 26 / 22
  • door - 74 / 63
  • floor - 34 / 34
  • glas - 15 / 5
  • grnd - 66 / 29
  • mlt - 195 / 138
  • prop - 132 / 53
  • roof - 15 / 6
  • ston - 180 / 105
  • tile - 34 / 27
  • wall - 68 / 32
  • wind - 30 / 22
  • wood - 52 / 42

This list will be updated once per week, Until I will reach 1023 textures, that will be first release. I have no idea why I choose that number, so dont ask me about it :P

So as my amazing math dont lie to me, right now I have 765 textures... so its mean I still need to make 258 textures.... I hope I will finish it before September...

Also other thing. Those texture as I mentioned will be free to use, not only by players but also by other moders(of course after informing me about it), But because Im addicted to chocolate and coffee, and if you would like to see me smiling doing this mode, feel free to donate! Of course its not required by any means, its purely for coffee or chocolate(Right now Im waiting for this: Nestle Kit Kat Matcha Gyokuro Green Tea :D)





Awesome work you are doing here. Just take your time and have a nice vacation, the importent thing is to not abandon this project in the long run, too many high quality mods like this get forgotten, and just left for dead. It would bee a shame if that happens to this. I realy like the art design:)

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You sound just like me trying to study for exams hehe.

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