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Space Progress, the Masari, and Canonization of Units

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- Human fleet consists of 3 ships and 2 strikecraft
- All human ships are custom models, 1 fighter is UAW, 1 fighter is WarbNull
- No custom human station in-game
- Novus fleet consists of 1 ship and 1 strikecraft
- 1 ship is Stargate, 1 ship is UAW
- Hierarchy fleet consists of 1 ship and 1 strikecraft
- All Hierarchy space models are WarbNull

- No Masari units are yet in-game
- Masari faction is currently in conceptual stages
- May exist as two factions (one dark, one light) in skirmish, and only light in galactic
- Role in campaign is still undetermined

- Unit canonization is almost complete
- Novus portal still must be canonized
- Walker models still need to be canonized (requires new rigging)
- Focus is shifting to galactic mode and space; They should feel "canon" even though it's not

On another note, if you guys have any ideas for planets for galactic conquest, I would love to hear them ("planet" can also refer to an asteroid field, a debris field, etc.). Depending on what attention the mod gets in coming days, I may also request the ideas of the public.


Well, for the planets idea, have you thought about the novus, masari and hierarchy homeworlds?

The novus, I imagine an oceanic world similar to earth, but with also similarities with the star wars kamino planet, and ice caused by the novus-hierarchy battle over the planet, killing many species. (Cause their main color is blue and white, its a little simbolyc)
Novus civilisation rebuilt:

The masari homeworld was like an earth planet in the past, but after the hierarchy wiped them out and barelly destroyed their cvilisation now its only rocks and desert. (Black color = death, there is so much little life, high temperatures and its like a postapocalyptic world, desert also fits with the ''egyptian'' idea i had for them)

For the hierarchy i imagine swamps, jungle and volcanos, yeah nice mix xD
(Main color is read = lava, volcanos. Hierarchy has so many species, some of them look amphibius = Jungle, Swamps)

What do you think about this?

The other thing is names, i see you invented some and look very nice, here are some more random:


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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

I like the ideas regarding the homeworlds. Today I was thinking and the human worlds will probably be small, low population colonies (since we're new to space travel). Hierarchy worlds will include some sprawling city-worlds, the Novus will have factory facilities which dominate entire continents, and the Masari will have worlds covered in temples and ruins. I do like the ideas, especially the swamps.

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Two things i just thought of but that are a little bit of topic:

First do you think we could make the Novus reaper a land and space unit?
I mean that you could use the same unit as a ground fighter squad and a space fighter squad

Second when you write the code try to make it so that one can still play the normal game without any issues. This happened to me with the Republic at War mod.

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the dervish is a ground air unit, and the reaper is the dervish but with orbital capabilities, so its going to be in space.

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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

RaW overwrites vanilla game code. TotH installs to a mod directory. No trouble there. Also, nightovizard is exactly right. The Reaper is pretty much a space Dervish.

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Also let's focus on getting Space done for the existing factions and make the Masari like an add-on.
Any thoughts, comments?

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Im making novus ship concepts and holybeast is making the human spaceships.

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HammBoyTheDestroyer Author

The Masari will be added in the "Wrath of the Immortals" download once space is released. It just gives me something to work on while night and the beast work on models (in addtion to me debugging the Hierarchy AI).

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