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Christmas 2012 came and went... one month wasn't enough time to make a game. :)

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Christmas 2012 came and went... one month wasn't enough time to make a game. :)
And of course, I've known this from other small, one-month games I've made in the past.

However, I have knocked out a lot of the more complex parts of my RPG framework, and will continue to develop it so that hopefully we will have an Episode 1 at Christmas.

I've decided to NOT release this for Android phones - mainly because mine is slow, and I don't want to deal with phones that don't have a physical keyboard! - but if it's completed Legacy of Xmas - or another action RPG with the same framework - will be made available for OUYA.
Hopefully I'll be getting mine soon!

There's a lot to still add code-wise, but not to mention graphics and music-wise! I will probably be doing all the graphics myself (as they currently are), but I might try to find someone to commission for music. I'm great at playing the piano, just not so great at composing. :)

Still, when all is said and done, it seems like a waste to only use this RPG Framework just for LoX. I will probably open-source the framework itself once it's more complete, and I will try to think of new ways to expand it so that any random RPGs I release don't all feel the same.

So, that's it for now. I probably won't be doing any heavy updates until maybe... Summer? Fall? Yeah.

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