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There are three all new modules available: The light module, the flare module, and the cockpit module.

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Hello and welcome to StarMade,


This module is for interior decoration of your ship or space station. It pretty much does, what its name promises. It provides light in dark areas. The engine uses an ambient occlusion technique to archive fast updates of block lighting.

With and Without light blocks With and Without light blocks


The flare module also provides light, with the difference, that it also makes a nice flare to decorate the outer hull of your ship or station. I would not recommend to use it indoors since the flare is quite large, but hey, it's your decision.

Flare Blocks


Finally, there is a cockpit module in the game. You can now switch (using the arrow keys) between all cockpits in the ship, giving you the exact view of your ship, that you need. Cockpit switching has a smooth transition, so you it won't be confusing to where you switch next.

Cockpit module

Other Noteworthy Fixes & Updates

I have completely rewritten the code for element grouping. There was a bottleneck which lead to big lags or even memory or stack shortage in some cases on really big ships with groups larger than 3000 elements. The updating of the grouping will now much more smoother, not slowing down the game by much. The bottleneck can't occur anymore, since the groups are now updating over time and not all in one update.

Things to Come

I will now fully focus on Space Stations as a goal for next week. Also check out . There will probably be a multiplayer play date for StarMade next weekend, where can meet nice people and play some multiplayer StarMade. Everyone is happily invited!

Thanks for playing StarMade,
- schema




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You were really helpful,thank you.

Don't pay attention to this idiot,good job on the game.

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Saw this update in the news. :D
From looking at the pictures it looks a bit like Minecraft Space Edition.

Sorry for comparing it with Minecraft. It's just that "blocky" look.

Anyway good job here.

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"Minecraft Space Edition"
You say that like it's bad thing.

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you should join up with blockade runner, both you guys are basically making the same game here...

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