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A small sample of some of the feedback for Starlight on the Xbox 360.

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Here is a small sample of some of the feedback for Starlight on the Xbox 360, from DIY Gamer, Joystiq, and Teamkobun!

‘Out There’ Puzzling on Xbox Live Indie Games… Starlight [Review]
"Starlight is something just that little bit different for the Xbox Marketplace, and it’s worth downloading the demo and seeing what you think."

Joystiq Piece
'Starlight' XBL Indie Game gets all shifty
"It can be difficult to sift through the many, many Xbox Live Indie Games, but every once in a while one manages to catch our eye with unique presentation. Enter Starlight, a game that unites quirky, hand drawn graphics with an interesting mechanic that has players shifting between parallel worlds."

Kobun Review
"Although the simplistic look of Starlight certainly can’t compete with Braid, some truly fantastic puzzle design makes it a sure hit for fans of that XBLA indie classic."

Some really cool things are being said about Starlight, and it's really interesting to see what people are saying about it. Overall, there some very fair reviews; thanks to everyone who took the time to check it out!

If you're interested in downloading the Xbox 360 demo, head right over here.

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