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STALKERSOUP 1.1.0015 setup ( Bug fixes and some tweaks )

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Changelog v1.1.0015 :

*PDAs are now on all NPCs, as they are needed to register in the net_pda system which will be used for coop and multiplayer games.
*'Find Ghost's PDA' quest changed to find 'Vasiliev and Ghost's research PDA'.
*Position issue with smoke around fires.
*Quest to get PDA from Army Warehouses does not need to kill anyone to complete the mission with Sahkarov.

++Updated DLL files:
*xr_core and xr_game now support direct logging, keypress callbacks, reduced engine logging and several ctd fixes.
*Renderers now support direct access to DX11 services like godrays and sun particles, also corrected tessellation errors.

Sweet FX has been removed and DX11 Extended added, as SweetFX is out of date and is not supported by Meltac anymore. I will be adding a new (OGSE style) shader system soon.

--Issues still existing in Levelup 0 :
*Threat voice still in Russian.
*Petruha repeats prompt after carpool cleared.
*Kostya often stays in crouch mode after attack is repelled at Vehicle Graveyard.
*Mole's team does not motivate during attack (removed until fixed).
*Bandit with PDA still wanders.
*Killer squad still spawns prematurely.
*Still CTD on entering DV first time (probably a SID problem).
*Broken PDA on entering Garbage now has reduced dogs, bloodsuckers and Chimera.
*Kruglov still stalls at tunnel (reloading fixes it).
*Kruglov repeats 'still taking measurements' after returning to bunker.

so many fixes have not yet been tested with a new start.
As always, a new start is recommended before loading a prior save. 1.10008 or later saves are still compatible but may still have 3 tasks which may not work properly.

Incase there are some issues please send .sav and .log to with a clear explanation .

Creadits : Sword2012 for the Changelog

=== >Have Fun ;) :D

++Some Screenshots

Duty EXO

ss sybinfo 2 06 28 17 17 31 51

Rostok Factory

ss sybinfo 2 06 29 17 20 15 40

To Wearhouses

ss sybinfo 2 06 28 17 22 46 26

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