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Hello everyone, here I am with some information for the Factions, that will take a part of this version of my current project:

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Cursed Zone: New Testament™ 2021/2022.(W.I.P.)

- Before I can go forward to the text, I will share that most of the Factions NPC Models are made privately to me by Aaz® and Nestandart_5443®. Those models have not been released anywhere else. So the credit goes to the original authors, I am very excited and thankful for their job. All the credits goes to them and they perfect work.

So this are the Factions In the world of "New Testament"™ 2021/2022:

1:"Stalkers" (Stalkers).

2:"Bandits" (Criminals).

3:"Spetsnaz" (Army).

4:"Duty" (Stalkers).

5:"The Corporation"™ (TheR3MAK3R® OC).

6:"Monolith" (Stalkers).

6:"Freedom" (Stalkers).

7:"Mercenaries" (Headhunters).

8:"Ecologists" (Sciencetists).

9:"Equality"™ (TheR3MAK3R® OC).

-S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Cursed Zone: New Testament™-


TheR3MAK3R® Author

What's your favorite faction, share your opinion. Is there many or It's okay. Glad to hear.


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