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My paper this week. It will not let me put in paragraphs for some reason.

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St. Sativum

The road was long, and winding. Birds were flying through the air, bees
were buzzing around flowers, and rabbits were bouncing around doing
what rabbits do. For the most part, it was a nice and quiet scene,
but far off in the distance, was a dark and dismal castle, which did
not belong at the end of the road at all. There was another
disturbance in this tranquil pass, and that was the presence of two
utterly foul creatures, with no respect for personal hygiene!
"Oi, Daelum, why are we dwarves?"
"Oh, Dahlum, the answer to that question is far too big for your little
brain to wrap around"
"But, my head's big! Why's my brain so small?"
"Stop askin' questions Dahlum! We've got to get there as quick as we can if
we want the treasure!"
So these two dwarves resumed their march down the road, which was now
devoid of birds, bees, and business-doing-bunnies, due to the
dwarve's horrid stench. Before long, the two reached the castle,
where they were halted by a massive gate.
"Daelum, can ye help me find doorbell?"
"Doorbell!? You idiot, there isn't doorbell for a big castle like this! What we really need to look for is the knocker."
"Oh, why'd I not think o' that? You're sure smart Daelum!
After an hour searching with no luck, the two dwarves decided to take a
break. They did so by leaning against a wall.
"What're we going to do now Daelum"
"Well I'm sure I don't know! Oh I'm just plum out of ideas."
"I don't, wait, what's that creaking noise? Hey, look Daelum, the gate's openin'!"
"By the breath of St. Sativum! Well, get in quickly you dope, before it closes again!"
The dwarves dashed into the castle, just before the gate closed with a
shuddering clang. As they scrambled to their feet, Dahlum stood up to
be met by the glare of a fiercely stinky orc. With a cry, he fell
back and landed on top of Daelum.
"What in the green breath of, sacre purple! What in the name of St. Frank is that smell!"
And with that, Daelum also fell backward, coincidentally falling on top
of Dahlum. While this was happening the orc was staring at them in
"Oooh, you nasty orc! Dahlum and I will fix you good! Right Dahlum?
"Uh, you're smarter Daelum, you can fix him right up if you want."
"Why you little, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were scared!
Watch, all you have to do is throw a rock at it, and it'll go away!
Daelum picked up a small stone, and threw it towards the orc, which it
missed, and instead hit a switch on the wall behind it. With a
questioning roar, the orc suddenly fell through a hole in the floor.
"Boy,that was easy Daelum! You're smart!"
"Uh, yes of course I am! Hold, what's that sign over there say?
"Oh, maybe you ain't so smart after all Daelum."
"Course' I am! Look we just keep goooooooooo!"
Daelum, having walked without looking, suddenly fell through the hole in the floor.
"Oh snapplecups. Now I'll never get through the castle." said, the
distraught Dahlum.
"I wish I was as smart as him. But who in the floor is St. Sativum?"

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its good, a little different than what i am used to reading but good:)

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