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Some recent 3D Artworks. Preproduction for Spyra, an adventure game in a colorful fantasyworld.

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Hello and welcome to the first art asset overview!

This is not an update on alpha- gameplay shots nor levels that are work in progress, this is only about certain 3D assets I am working on to give this game the look I want it to have.
Those of you who follow me on the Forums at know that I discontinued producing this in FPSCreator and instead wait for reloaded which will hopefully allow me to reach far higher quality.
The game will then also have larger outdoor levels and better graphics aswell as aesthetics.
Spyra is a lot of fun to develop and even tough I dont find time to work
on it as often, I still seem to make fast progress every time I get
behind it. It flows a lot more natural for me than any horror project I
have ever worked on. This is also why I decided to make it a bit bigger...hence the engine switch.

I start this with something I did not want to show anyone at all...with it being untextured and all, then decided to post it on a forum and now I show it to all of you here simply because I just never got around to texture it and I think its interesting enough anyway :)

I might not use the term mana in the final game as it is a little generic.

I decided to take the subplot about the conflict between magic and steampunk'esque technology back into the game.

Now for something more polished. This is a character I have been working on. I must admit that this is the first character I made and rigged myself.

MetalDevil, a member of the TGC Forums, noticed ages ago when I was working on Euthanasia that
I like to use ribcages as an artistic tool, well! I took that to a new
level now. :)
These are actually made of a black-crystallic material and
the blue-cyan reflections are specular effects.

As with all Spyrans, the eyes have an emmissive effect and glow a little
in the dark. (I also gave the crystal on the armor set and the little
weights on the jacket/cardigan some reddish glow.)

The revealing armor is not armor per se...Its more an energetic protective quirass. Allow me to take out my better english and drop some lore on you:

Lore wrote: The only universal link between the diverse spyran cultures is a
symbiotic relationship with the necromancer-covens. Many cultures such
as the Symarian Empire and the northern Azurite-Federation offer either
orphans or children sacrificed by their parents to the necromancers. Out
of dedication, out of gratitude or out of obligation.

These children are raised to tend after the temples, the host-bodies of
the necromancers as they tend to neglect them, trade and other matters
deemed trivial by their masters.

While these servants are no traditional prisoners, their upbringing and
indoctrination is usually strong enough so they dont have any desire to
leave or personal needs in this regard. (I probably have one of them
join the player on his journey tough) However, every now and then one
decides to leave and is free to go.

The ribcage'esque armor is forged out of a mineral-metal hybrid. The
necromancers feed of the lifeenergy that surrouns them. They can take a
beings lifeforce within seconds if they chose to do so by accessing
their energy field through their heart. Altough these are extreme cases,
they do remain in a constant state of passive energy vampirism,
especially during their rest. Their servants wear these as energetic
protection. (We all know that I made this up to have a good reason for
some neat sideboobs-revealing armor ...but I think its kinda cool! :) )

Before I started modeling for Spyra, I browsed through my entire
modelcollection and made a little list with things that are either
missing completely or where I need lore friendly assets. I don't want
the architecture in Symaria to be too middleeastern nor do I want there
to be typical fantasy-castles in a desert. It should look a little alien
yet familiar.

I started simple because, after years of working on hallway based games,
I haven't had many good wooden props/simple architectural assets. I
also started to make a first building.

I know that these props are not very spectacular presented on their own
outside of a proper map/level but I am sure that I can put them to good
use later on.

Presentational Screenshots. These are not part of the game and merely present some new models

I plan to have an oasis in the sanctuary so I made these iron stakes
with wooden planks to serve as improvised bridges. I made a full set
with different variations and a lot of single planks that don't look
industrially cut.

There is also a simple stairset to connect some plattforms and... architectural plattforms.

Here we have a Symarian Towerbuilding. I imagine that the interior leads
into an underground room where people reside during the hot daytime
period while they sit on top in the "gazebo" at evenings/nights. Maybe
around a fire, talking, drinking, gazing at the stars. Something like
that. I don't know how I will use these in the game itself just yet.

I worked a lot of sand in it too. Symaria is a desert nation and I want
the player to feel it even tough I play it save and keep him in one
location during the first short game.

Also: Sorry for the atrociously yellow light.

Got a tiny little carried away with this last one

Please leave some feedback if you already took the time to read this! I'd appreciate it


I am pretty sure there is already some secret cult of artists who spend their fullmoon nights worshipping your screenshots, and you arenĀ“t even aware of them!

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Of course!

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Love the amount of detail in these screenshots!
That bookcase is really nice, great job!
Also, the modular assets look original and really pre-planned.
Appears as if everything is going in the right direction.
Keep it coming!

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