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SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail v4.0 has been released today, it brings new single-player campaign map, new quests, more items, fixed dialogues and a new hero, who will join your group in a late game.

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A new update (v4.0) for a custom campaign mod SpellForce 2: Empire of the Shadowtrail has been released! It offers a new single-player campaign map (20 hours of gameplay), new quests in a new and in the old campaign maps, more items will become obtainable, a new race will make an appearance on the mod. The update also fixes some issues on loot, texts, dialogues and many more. Please check the info down below!


New single-player map:The Iron Heart

SF2EofSv4 0Feature06

New quest in Elen'dorah map

SF2EofSv4 0Feature01

Shaikan units will become upgradable

SF2EofSv4 0Feature02

New armor-set will become obtainable

SF2EofSv4 0Feature03

Nameless demons will be playable in a new map

SF2EofSv4 0Feature04

New temporary companion:Shadow Warrior

SF2EofSv4 0Feature05

Story of a mod

"My dear friend,

The war had shattered our home, the city of the Westguard, we have lost. It was destroyed by Redmond, who become a new king of the Highmark, and Shadowtrail, an Emperor of the Empyria. It all started when alchemist Shadowtrail managed to escape from the Westguard's prison one year ago, back then he was one of the remaining Riddengard's followers. After fleeing from there, he allied with the Kitaki and Hazim clans in Xu, who were looking for the traces of the Phoenix. They were planning on sealing the Phoenix back into the stone, so they could use its power for their own deeds. Shadowtrail knew, that these clans from Xu were planning to trap the Phoenix, so he tried to join their troops by telling them, that he's capable of imprisoning the creature back into the stone. Hazim were actually impressed by the power, which Shadowtrail would bear and the two clans accepted the union between them and the Shadowtrail. Together, they took over the control of the Empyria and brought the chaos to the whole Xu and continued their march by invading the Fiara.

I'm sorry my friend, I have to stop writing now. The ship, which we used to escape from the war in Westguard, was caught in the wild storm of the Elemental Sea, we may crash somewhere. If we manage to reach the Eversea Coast, I will write you a message." (taken from the letter of the Shaikan)


NOTE: in order to install this mod, the old version of the mod is not needed and if it's already installed in your game, then it must be uninstalled! The update requires a clean version of SpellForce 2: Demons of the Past!


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SpellForce2DemonsofthePast 2018  2SpellForce2DemonsofthePast 2018  3

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