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Special Announcement Please: For more information, visit the official website

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Hi, I'm the creator [Apollo8YT] Freddy Five Nights At 1987's.
I want to make an important Announcement, and also respond to those questions so they tell me.
First I answer the questions, and then tell you what I have to say.

1-The game will feature scenarios created by you?
R: No, I have only changed the actual graphics of the original game. ;)

2-You will get the game soon? and that systems?
R: Yes, the demo of the game, due out this May 15, and will draw for Windows, Android and maybe for IOS Device.

3-You Scott Cawthon? or you work with?
R: No, and no. He would be or work with but we all know that this is impossible.

4-Do you speak Spanish?
R: if, because really am Argentine. xD

5-How old are you?
R: I'm 16, and notice that not give you more information about me. :)

6-That will bring the game? minigames will bring?You have new animatronics?
R: Unfortunately, I ccan not relleaase information becauuse itt would not be a surpriise. Againn, I give you more information continues. Sorry :)

7-The game died or will die?
R: No, still, I will not abandon the game

8-As you go to the game? because May 15 is in three days.
R: As I said I will not give any information, but I can say is that the game is 98%. :D

Now what I have to say:
I want to clarify that this game is not a copy, try to steal the fame, or rights officer FNAF creator Scott Cawthon.
It's just a Fan-Game which closely resembles, and I hope Scott plays. : D
The game was created with ClickTeamFusion is 2.5 and only one person in charge, I mean me :)

I want to clarify these doubts, because since I got this game at this site, an come back many messages from people with these questions, insults and requests for help.

ok, that's all. I hope that you download this great fan-game and give you deserved score.
Thank you all!


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