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This is the next generation user interface for Windows, which makes you feel like you are in a game while you use your desktop. You will be able to control it with new technologies out there such as Kinect and Leap Motion, and experience it on Oculus Rift VR headsets. We will let you create your own virtual worlds to become your desktop, and share your content with other users. This is pre alpha software and we need your support and feedback to create something really new and useful.

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Here is just a short summary of what is it all about.

This is the pre alpha of our software, we are working on much more and we will show it to you as we develop.

Currently we are working on creating dynamic spaces and dynamic icons so our users can create their own in the world as they would usually in Windows, move them around and play with them.
We are also constantly experimenting with new mechanics to allow you intuitive control over 3D environment.

This world that you see is just one of many that we plan to push on release, we are working on 3 more: undersea, in hell and in space.

We want each world to have different things to do, in time we will implement games in each world so you can play as you work. Each world will have its own settings and own set of games.

Also we will allow users to create their own content, like new worlds, objects and icon packs, games or even plugins to use or share through our app.

One of the main goals of SpaceSys is to create a platform for gaming and fun, we will allow user to boot into SpaceSys and not use Windows UI anymore.

Kinect controls are intuitive and easy, possible with Kinect 1 but not the best. For the real thing we are waiting for Kinect 2 to be available so we can really fine tune it. Voice controls are also there to be implemented in full, you will be able to speak to it much like to Xbox One.

Oculus rift, well you can only imagine how that looks for now, I can just say it is cool :)

Thank you for reading and check back here for updates..

Wish us luck!

We are also on Steam Greenlight so if you like our software please support us so we can make a difference!

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looks great its would be more useful for it

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