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A video demonstrating space station assaults in in the upcoming Space RPG Void of Darkness

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Hi everyone, I've been working on missions/assignments, exploration and space station assaults these past few days. I recorded an assault on a U'Guul star base, where I assisted several Eurian corvettes. The station in the video is armed with four turrets which rotate to point at their target. Of course all the images are place holders(like the turrets!) and the final look of space station assaults will change, this is a rough first pass. So as you can tell from the video, you'll be able to 'defang' a station by destroying its turrets.

Of course you never have to partake in an assault if you don't wish too, but the option to aid your allies is certainly there. However if you choose to engage in a station assault, a powerful ship with very advanced technology is the only thing that will see you through a defending vanguard of enemy ships and star base defenses in the final game. So the decision to participate in a station assault shouldn't be made lightly! There were no defending warships in this demonstration and I had a pretty over powered point defense.

In the final game, stations can be destroyed, and they will rebuild over time. They also have fighter compliments which they will launch to aid in their defense. I disabled that ability for this brief demonstration.

This means that if you wish to hunt pirates and destroy their hideouts, or try to destroy them, you can! Pirates have bases throughout the universe in VOD.


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