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A notification on all additions to the new space maps I am making. No stock map will have these editions, only the new ones.

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My team has taken great strides in the past few weeks to improving space. These additions include many things seen in Dark Times 2, like
-AI Shuttle Ship Boarding (The AI((bots)) will land shuttles in the enemy hanger and attempt to capture the hanger.)
-Space Heroes
-Space Hero Vehicles

These are all things that were featured in DT2, and as usual I am pretty much Following DT2s lead . However, things are not quite the same. For instance, in DT2, the heroes were exclusively for fighter to fighter combat, for they were armed with fusion cutters instead of weapons. This was fine and all, and I still want to have the ability to Regen health by shooting down fighters, but, the heroes retain their normal weapons. The main reason for this, is its hard to board an enemy ship without a hero, but it can be done.

Space Hero List
-Hero Name: -Hero Vehicle:
-Anakin Skywalker -Anakin's Delta 7B Starfighter
-Ahsoka Tano -Ahsoka's Delta 7B Starfighter
-Obi-wan Kenobi -Obiwan's Delta 7B Starfighter
-Plo Koon -Plo's Delta 7B Starfighter
-Aayla Secura -Aayla's Delta 7B Starfighter
*-Kit Fisto -Kit Fisto's Delta 7B Starfighter
-General Grievous -Grievous's Fighter (Stock CIS Bomber)
-Asajj Ventress -Ventress's Fanblade Fighter
-Cad Bane -Cad Bane's Modified Porax 38
-Magnaguard -Porax 38
*Auura Sing -Slave 1

*Expansion units. Also, for those wondering why Auura Sing is using Slave 1, its because in season 2, she was working with young Boba Fett, and was using Slave 1 at the time.

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aayla delta 7b never seen it before would be intresting to look at

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will slave 1 be able to launch seismic charges like in the movie

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