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In Drovoid you start the game at a random location in a procedural universe. Sometimes it might become necessary to move your outpost, or to create a new one. Learn how to do this!

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Drovoid features a procedural universe. This means your starting position may vary, and it may not always be the most comfortable. Early in the game this has little impact, but later on you might find yourself wishing you could spawn your ships closer to, say, a large batch of asteroids. This is especially important as those are well defended, and usually require a good fight!

mining defended

A very well defended mining location. But look at the size of these asteroids!!

In the video below, I'll show you how to create a new outpost, using a mobile gate! This is very powerful: you can now spawn ships from different locations. Here is how it works:

Now, imagine having a mobile gate that could automatically spawn ships!! Sounds great? Well, reach level 5 :-)

And don't forget: Drovoid is released! You can get the demo right now, here on IndieDB:


And get the full game (alpha) on

Hope you'll enjoy playing Drovoid!

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