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New version available! Lots of changes and additions!

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UPDATE - Version 0.98 Beta

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New enemy ship: Swimmer!

New end of stage bosses:
+ Stage 5 - The Transporter!
+ Stage 6 - The Death Spitter!
+ Stage 7 - The Oblitertor!
+ Stage 8 - The Illuminator!
+ Stage 9 - The Monstrosity!
+ Stage 10 - The Overmind!

Special bonus Stage 11!

12 new upgrades, including a whole new tier of upgrades:
+ Resilience - Increases your ship's resilience to damage from collisions with chunks and enemies.
+ Salvage - Increases the bonus drop-rate from chunks and enemies.
+ Hardening - Your ship resists the effects of enemy EMP, concussion and tractor beams.
+ Focused Dilation - The duration and time dilation effect of your special ability is increased.
+ Reinforcements - Destroyed wingmates are more quickly replaced.
+ Electro-field - Your ship will damage and disable any enemy ships it collides with.
+ Warp shield - When you activate your special power you become completely indestructible for a time.
+ Overloaded blasters - Your blasters have a chance to fire double size bolts.
+ Unstable warheads - When your missiles detonate there is a chance they explode with colossal force, causing a damaging blastwave, knockback and massive fragmentation.
+ Capital ship support - You have a frigate assigned to protect you.
+ Combat engineer - Your ship automatically repairs nearby allies.
+ Dimensional ghosts - While your special power is active copies of your ship are drawn from alternate dimensions to fight alongside you.

Global high scores now completely encapsulated within the game.

Unlimited save games! Games are now automatically saved at end of stage.

New graphics options - able to set screen resolution and full-screen/windowed mode.

New improved Chunkbuster - your ship not only looks better but also shows how many blaster cannons are mounted on it.

Wingmates now fly in formation with your ship.

General graphics enhancements, more particle effects, blaster bolt effects improved.

A host of tweaks and improvements to gameplay, making it the most playable and enjoyable version yet!

Enjoy :)

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