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Well, you'll never hear about us being short on music or sound effects thanks to good ol' BETA Tester Doron. We've also got some news about the interface and terrain!

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A lot of people are still asking me if Wc3:WoW will feature music and sound effects from World of Warcraft, and to answer that question briefly, the answer is yes! All the music in World of Warcraft will be in Wc3:WoW, as well as sound effects. Some sound effects in WarCraft III are used in World of Warcraft though, so we're already at a head-start on that. But thanks to Doron, we officially have every WoW song and sound. No need to worry about hearing WarCraft III music in Wc3:WoW!

On top of that, Doron has also found all the icons and interface images in the World of Warcraft MPQ which are conveniently already .blp format, the same format WarCraft III uses for icons and images! I find this to be a huge plus for us because it will require pretty much no more screenshots of the interface and makes the life of Yixx and our artists much easier. I'm excited to get some of this in very soon.

This weekend I am being forced to work on Wc3:WoW pretty much because my internet speed is terrible in online games due to this never ending rain... but that's a good thing! I'm working on Durotar and Mulgore still. Might even start work on Arathi Basin or Warsong Gulch since every time I listen to the PVP music I want to make it. I know I still haven't uploaded any eye-candy, and I'm sorry, but think of it this way... at least you know I'm working hard on something so that can happen. The weekend isn't over yet, so who knows. Maybe you'll see something tomorrow if I get enough done!

've been working on Warsong Gulch a lot this evening. So far the scale is perfect for Warcraft III. The only issue as far as terrain goes is the tunnels that lead to the flagroom, but I have an idea of how to counter it. I just hope it works. Will need to discuss the issue with Yixx and see if we can get around the problem without having to port your character straight to the top of the base or in a different area of the map.

I know this may be uninteresting, but I am currently searching for people who are good programmers/scripters for Unreal 3 Engine. I am currently leading a team of developers on an indie multiplayer game project that uses the Unreal 3 Engine / Unreal Development Kit and need more scripters, texture artists, sound effects artists, and maybe an animator. The team currently has 4 artists, 2 designers, 1 programmer, and 1 musician. Message me for more details if you can help!


All I can say, you made a good choice with Unreal 3 engine.

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Craka_J Author

Don't worry, we're not recreating World of Warcraft or anything related to a Blizzard Entertainment game. It's a totally new IP.

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Nice work man, I can see its going forward! :D

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