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It manages to both conquer tabletop mods and the fun mods, combining both into a excellent mod with several expansions and more on the way

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Sorry about the time delay between the last review and this one, i just
got supcom 1 and FA and have been trying them out, My latest mod review
is on Soulstorm Apocalypse, A mod that gives you loads of new content
(like a tabletop mod) but without the massive population restrictions.

content - Where to start? maybe with the new units, as i mentioned
before there are all sorts of new units, bloodletters,
deamonettes,vindicators, wraithguard, Stormblade Etc, There are also
loads of new banners and symbols for armies in the army painter, in an
actual skirmish game, there are several new features that need to be
explained, every faction now works in a tier system (I-V, technically
VI) which can only be upgraded by construction of specific structures,
at the end of tier 5, you will be allowed to built a super structure
(giant warpgate, chaos gateway, c'tan beacon etc) which, in most cases
allow you to build veteran units, but wait! theres more! it also allows
you to pgrade the structure, allowing you to get The super units (o.O)
like the titan, the pylon, doomsday phalanx, kustim stompa (ork stompa)
and also the APOCALYPSE Tier, with this tier you can get your
superweapon, the chaos get warpstorm, SM'S and IG'S get Nukes, Eldar get
a insta kill soulstorm, Necrons with their shoop da woop gauss blast,
There are several more things, in the skirmish win condition list, there
are now many new options, their are ones to make everything (almost
everything) cost 1req, 1 power and 1sec to build, ones that together
increase your pop by 300%, one that halves it by 50%, you'll have to get
the mod to find out the rest.

XP1 - Expansion one - this is
called apocalypse TD, which i'm guessing stands for total destruction, i
have found nothing new with this, besides the fact that limits are
removed (yay!) and another option in the victory conditions which
increases pop (population limit) by 300%, turn it on with 100 and 200
population multiplyers and you get 600% more, your pop goes into the

XP 2 - Expansion two - New races, this mod adds the
tyranid and inquisition daemonhunt factions, now, you've probably played
them both, but how would they fare with the new and improved factions
of the apocalypse? they get no new units as there not the property of
the apocalypse mod creators, but there is new of a deamon faction that
atm only the inquisition can actually kill (apparantly) this expansion
does not require XP 1 (i don't think) this expansion is for the tyranid,
Deamonhunt players who loved one or the other, if you played the steel
legion mod, and liked that, then you may have to wait, they said they
would add them eventually but whether they do or if they continue to
improve the other factions is up to them

This mod is worth getting due to the fact that not only is it good, but its actually different and is still going.

Mod download site -
Expansion download site -

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