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The first installment of the SotF:DA backstory. I am just posting to let everyone see it and make any suggestions to improve it. The storyline is set, I'm just not good at creative writing.

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4 ABY after the battle of Kuat, Unidentified Planet...

Grunts and gasps echo down the long passage, breaking the tomb like silence. "Faster!" Silri hisses. The two Gamorreans grunt their reply angerly and begin to push the slab of stone even harder. Soon the grunts give way to the grinding sound of stone on stone. The slab slowly moves, revealing a long lost doorway. Silri moves between the two Gammoreans, holding her breath as she does, and enters the door. a dim glow from the roof and floor shows the outline of rows upon rows of what appear to be stone slabs. "", one of the Gammoreans grunts, "". The other grunts his aprovel. "Oh no, no waste of time." Silri admonishs as she lifts a light to reveal an amoured soldier frozen in the slab. "And now I no longer need you." Crossing his arms the Gammorean shakes his head and grunts "" the other lifts his axe and snorts "" Silri looks at them and smiles "you want blood? I'm always willing to oblige that request." she lifts her arm and the first Gammorean flies backwards smashing into the wall of the cavern, then hits the floor like a bundle of smelly rags. The second rushes Silri, HIs grunt blocking out the faint snaphiss of her lightwhip. She jumps back form the charging gammorean and lands on top of one of the slabs. Silri then launches herself over the gammorean and wraps her lightwhip around his legs. He falls forward landing on his axe wiht a squeal of agony. "Now that you have been paid, I have more important work to attend to." silri turns and walks over to the first carbonite slab when something grabs her ankle and trips her. a victorous grunt from behind her tells her that the Gammorean is not as dead as she believed. "Not quite dead are you? Well I'll just have to stick you like a pig" she laughs as she reaches for one of the stalactites with the force. A loud crack followed by a cutoff squeal of terror echoes through the chamber. Silri makes her way around the remains of the gamorreans and begins to manipulate the carbonite controls...

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Okay I'll start the basic storyline scripting :)

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