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Sonic Incursion now on Indie DB, with a full release in the download page!

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Hello everyone!


Following the complete release of Sonic Incursion, I decided to make the plunge into making an IndieDB page. Firstly, a little history about the project for those that aren't already aware.

Way back in 2013, I took it upon myself to use Xaklse's Sonic GDK framework and UDK to make some Sonic content. Those first experiments gave me a great base from which to start a game with. Looking back, that vision was totally different to what Sonic Incursion is now, it was so much smaller.

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Flash forward to 2020, and I released the fangame, totally for free. The only unfortunate thing was that certain features were left uncomplete as I had to release the game due to personal circumstances, which meant it wasn't really how I wanted it. Now, with this 2022 release, some of those issues have been addressed, and Sonic Incursion is in a better shape it was 2 years ago.

As I said, personal circumstances meant work did have to slow to a crawl, this meant that certain story cutscenes had to be scrapped to make time for gameplay content, but the game is playable.

But what IS Sonic Incursion? It is a 2.5D Sonic fangame, utilising the Sonic GDK framework built on the Unreal Development Kit. The game features two playable characters - Sonic, and Metal Sonic, who differ from each other by having different abilities, final levels, and having different Act 3 stages for each zone. Certain background events also differ based on the character played as.

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On the subject of those Act 3s? Some of those are wildly different from standard 2D Sonic gameplay. Using the features of UDK, some of these Acts include a race, isometric 3D gameplay, full 3D gameplay, and more.

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But why read about it, when you can play it? Download today!

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