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I talk about the work that went on today in Adventure Craft. Working in a biome that has a bunch of giant mushrooms.

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Hi! Today I continued looking through the biomes that I have started for the game thus far. One of the biomes has a lot of dark grass. I decided to take some of the giant mushrooms that I have drawn and make this area into a mushroom forest. So far there are three different colored giant mushrooms here. I have a purple, green and red one. I decided that the purple ones would be poisonous so I added some purple mist that flows out of these using a particle machine. You will probably need special equipment or a certain item to harvest resources from these. Hitting them will cause them to spew out their gas and perhaps spawn little mushroom mobs or something. Maybe their drops can be used to craft poisonous items or gas bombs.

These large green mushrooms will yield some regenerative resources. I had one idea that they would give you an item that could be crafted to make a potion that could turn you into a giant like in super mario bros. That could be really fun.

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