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One of our Beta Testers chimes in with his unique brand of commentary and provides insight into what players will experience during the demo.

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-- is any of the dialogue or story unclear or poorly written?
-As an old school gamer, dialogue is super straight forward.. Confusing, but keepsme guessing, which is good/frustrating
-- could the level design be improved?
-Skyland is a tad confusing.. Maybe make it more apparent that you should loot hard
-- how do you feel about the music?
- Brett is kinda cute and makes killer tunes.. Trust
-- any items, skills, character, enemies too strong or too weak?
- Bots so far are fun, but I wanna know when I lvl up
-- any plot points seem too brief or confusing?
- Your story kicks ass.. All I can say about that
-- does levelling up seem too fast or too slow?
- Levelling is reasonable, but I think you should validate the player
-- could any of the graphics be more visually pleasing?
- Nope.. You've kicked ass so far, dude
-- any bugs or glitches or things that cause player to become stuck?
- I blame my laptop for anytime it froze.. Runs pretty smooth
-- what about more puzzle solving or distractions?
- You made it feel like Zelda and Chrono made a baby to me! Puzzles are fun
-- could any of the characters be more interesting or vibrant?
- Characters are badass.. Keep that

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