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NEP campaigns aren't interactive movie. It's just a game. We would't tell you anything like "How to Destroy the enemy". We will tell you only what must be destroyed. You must know how destroy it.(Gameplay like in Earth 2140 or Earth 2150).

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NEP ED campaign is about ED invasion to the Mars from IO. You must fight with LC to survive on Mars and broke the LC defense system. All technologies are unlocked (you can research it as you wish). Cristal will be limited in fisrt missions so you can't research all technologies in one mission. Very hard difficult level is the one of the most important priorities.

What do you think about it?

SliderFF - - 896 comments

not bad, will try it when it comes.
but guys try to make it more balanced, so it playeble in MP, in 2150 ion cannons was op, rly.

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Razihel - - 167 comments

Make it like E2150 campaings, where you had a separate map for your main base, a mission map and a transport to take units back a forth.

Also, any chance you could add tunnels into the game?

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Raptorad Author
Raptorad - - 145 comments

Playing on two maps in one time and adding tunnels into the game is impossible , because Earth 4(engine from Earth 2160) haven't capabilities like Eart 2(engine from Earth 2150).

Sorry but we can't interfere with the engine.

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Neon-Ghost - - 1,605 comments

Well, the idea sounds nice, but a 2150-esque campaign of dominance of the planet with a main base that can be attacked and each sector of the planet has something special in it.

Also, tbh, the mod should focus on the multiplayer component of the mod rather than the singleplayer component.

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Raptorad Author
Raptorad - - 145 comments

Yes, I am working at campaign because i am waiting for parameters from Ltemplar. Now I have free time so I can do simply campaign(3 missions for ED, 3 for LC and 3 for UCS), but this is only first part of campaign. Next missions will be added in NEP 2, because we want to realase NEP as fast as possible. NEP must be balanced and very playable on the multiplayer mode.

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AdmiralThakain - - 60 comments

I think the story about the ED invasion is better than the origin story from Earth2160 ! I am a big fan about ED and the Earth series and i can not wait to play this mod ! If you guys need money i will pay for this ! I wish you and your Team and family a happy Christmas!

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