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Hello, everyone! We are publishing a regular article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay - Resources.

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Happy weekend to all you space pirates out there. Bust out your thermal drills and pickaxes, because today we’re going over resources.

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Any successful interstellar adventure requires resources. Sunlight, water, organic compounds, minerals, all of these are crucial for prolonged voyages into the void. In Sol-Ark you will need to spend time harvesting these resources and putting them to good use. One of the most viable means of resource collection involves mining asteroids, as the big hunks of floating rock are fairly common in every solar system.

30_05_2015 gifs and screens

Docking with the asteroid is step one (a very fun/dangerous step at that) and from there you can scan the asteroid with the cursor to detect the different assortments of mineral elements in the rock. If you’re especially unlucky you may uproot something very wiggly and very...teethy. Iron, aluminium, titanium, iridium, uranium, gold, platinum, you’ll find all of these, with some being rarer than others.

30_05_2015 gifs and screens

Different element types give the components you build different properties, ranging from reducing laser damage to negating the effects of physical projectiles or gamma ray bursts. The rarer the resource, the more effective their properties become. Special and very hard to find materials will be required for things like reactor cores, gravitational field generators, and of course, warp drives and a temporal time node creator.

30_05_2015 gifs and screens

So brush up on your elemental symbols and check the bulb on your mining helmet. Your hands will get dirty.

30_05_2015 gifs and screens

Screenshot compilation

30_05_2015 - Indie DB

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TritonDreyja - - 20 comments

Will this game be free or paid? It looks amazing

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AlexMartial Author
AlexMartial - - 73 comments

We'll distribute it via digital platforms (like Steam or Desura) in future. But before this we'll share a few version of demo for testing. We just want to get your feedback firstly to know where exactly we need to move further.

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