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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the third article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay (there are 17 of them) - Random events.

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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the third article from a series about main gameplay features of Sol-Ark (there are 17 of them) - Random events.


Random events permeate the galaxy in Sol Ark to create dynamic playthroughs and offer a huge variety of game play scenarios. These events range from internal malfunctions, to enemy encounters and space catastrophes.

GIFs about random events
*influence of space moss on Sol-Ark's constructions

Deserted ships will appear with secrets draped from floor to ceiling in blood and bones. Traders and miners might need your help protecting their caravan or even offer you a quest. The player will face maniacal factions of colonists and robot armies programmed to stuff your astronauts into a giant cosmic blender and laugh while they scream.

Screenshots 03_03_2015
*battle in the local space

These events are ranked by class (meeting with a ship/station, cosmic events, internal/crew events, etc.) and have different levels of severity and difficulty. At the same time, some events can result in a positive outcome for the player while others may have negative outcomes.

Screenshots 03_03_2015
*fire hazards

A gamma ray burst may make your crew vomit up blood until they die, or it may give a slight boost to wound healing or aid plant growth. A space maser looks like a beacon of light, sort of like a lighthouse, but it’s the kind of light that produces a laser which might cleave your ship clean in two and pop your astronauts like blood filled space balloons.

GIFs about random events
*space maser

All baby space explorers are taught to keep their fingers out of electrical sockets, but that won’t stop some short circuits from striking down a crew member with an arced volt of supercharged, skeleton shattering lightning.

GIFs about random events
*short circuits

Events are set to occur at fluctuating, but timed intervals, so even if you don’t feel like following the main storyline or a side quest for a while, there will always be some adventure waiting for you.

Screenshots 03_03_2015
attack of drones

Screenshot compilation

Screenshots compilation about random events - Indie DB

Join us on Sol-Ark's official website to know more. Check our blog with devlogs to see how the game evolves.



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AlexMartial Author

Thank you! You should look forward for next devlog in few days.I think you'll like what we done.

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