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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the eighth article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay - Life support systems.

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Hello, everyone!
We are publishing the eighth article from a series about
main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay - Life support systems


In Sol-Ark you will have the sole responsibility of keeping the crew of your space voyage alive and healthy. Well, as alive and healthy as you can manage. Life support systems need to be constructed to preserve their interstellar habitat, and stop them from leaping out of airlocks or lighting the V.I. system on fire.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Medics are on the first line of defense for managing crew health. They can treat radiation sickness and heal specific wounds while alleviating infections and psychosis.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Oxygen recyclers are necessary for keeping your non space suited crew breathing. Sections are highlighted in green where 02 is flowing and red where compartments have been depressurized.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Hydroponic platforms serve a dual purpose of replenishing oxygen while creating food for the crew to eat. Be careful though, feed your crew the same meal too many times in a row and they may start to eat each other. Seriously, a face looks like a tasty treat to a desperate astronaut.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Resources like water and other minerals can be melted from comets and mined from asteroids to be converted into usable organics to sustain the crew. You may want to make sure they aren’t infested with deep space parasites first. Space parasite diarrhea is the worst.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Finally there are the anabiosis chambers. These will put agitated or spare crew into suspended animation, limiting the amount of resources needed to sustain them (other than electricity). Be warned, anabiosis can induce horrific nightmares in crew that will leave them hallucinating about laser cats and extra-dimensional entities upon waking.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Keeping your space crew happy and well will be critical if you want to survive the perils hidden in the multitude of star systems, waiting for your arrival with hunger, hate, and wonder.

04_04_2015 screenshots and gifs

Screenshots compilation about life support systems

Screenshots compilation - life support systems - Indie DB

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drthompson001 - - 67 comments

Man this game looks freaking EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait......!!!!! Keep up the good work :)

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AlexMartial Author
AlexMartial - - 73 comments

Thanks for such kind words and your interest to Sol-Ark! We are putting our hearts in this project and each pixel. Stay tuned and good luck! Sincerely, Alex.

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