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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the fifth article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay (there are 17 of them) - Attack and defense systems.

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Hello, everyone! We are publishing the fifth article from a series about main Sol-Ark's features of gameplay (there are 17 of them) - Attack and defense systems


We’re going to put the “pew” back into “pew pew pew.” Sol Ark will have a bountiful selection of weaponry and defensive systems to keep your ship afloat on the black and raging battle rife sea. I’m talking about lasers. You know, those shiny beams of concentrated light propagation that have a penchant for melting through ship hulls and the soft flesh of your enemies. Lasers will vary in color depending on their strength, adding a pretty palate to the death and destruction you’ll bestow upon haphazard pirates, robots, and alien armadas.

Screenshots 14_03_2015

If you’re looking for some physical ammo with more punch we’ve got you covered. Artillery shells lack explosives and rely solely on the beauty of kinetic impact to deal damage. Torpedoes explode and kill things. That’s simple enough, right?

Screenshots 14_03_2015

Wrong. To combat the arsenals of ship ending annihilation you’ll be faced with there are defense systems. These systems are designed to divert imminent destruction from wrecking your playthrough. First and foremost, what would an immersive space RTS be without a proper shield defense system? Shield generators create a defined bubble of protected space that will slow kinetic projectiles, thus reducing the amount of damage they inflict.

Screenshots 14_03_2015

Lasers will shine right through this shield type though, which is why we have a dust veil system. Dust veils bloom out in clouds of reflective materials that cause lasers to reflect and bounce out of your way. Partying with glowsticks in the reflected laser crossfire is completely optional. Thermal decoys add another layer of flaring awesomeness to the mix, as these burning distractions will send incoming torpedoes off target to leave your ship unscathed. The laser and machine gun defense systems can both penetrate physical ammo, like oncoming torpedoes, rendering them inert or detonating them before denting your ship.

Screenshots 14_03_2015

Keep in mind that these are just the basic, preliminary weapon and defense systems. We have plans to arm you with much, much more.

Screenshots compilation about attack and defense systems

Screenshots compilation about attack and defense - Indie DB

Join us on Sol-Ark's official website to know more. Check our blog with devlogs to see how the game evolves.

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