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My name is Steven and I'm about to launch my first game called Soccer Agent for iPhone & iPad. It should appeal to fans of football strategy games like Football Manager and Football Chairman, although the twist is you are obviously a football agent.

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The Game:

You must seek out promising young footballers and sign them to your agency with just one intention: to make money. Winning matches and trophies is not your concern — instead, you must build up your client roster and look after your players' careers. Negotiate their contracts, engineer transfers for them and look after their private lives, all the while taking your 10% of course! As the money rolls in you can buy flash status symbols with the ultimate aim of the game to become a filthy rich Super Agent representing the best players in the world.

Game features include:

* Find promising youth players and sign them up to your agency
* Tout your players to other clubs, but don’t let their chairman find out!
* Negotiate transfer deals and contracts on behalf of your players
* Find lucrative sponsorship deals for your players — don’t worry, you’ll get your 10%!
* Upgrade your office so you can represent more players
* Upgrade your Scout to discover better players — can you find the next wonderkid?
* Upgrade your Commercial Manager to attract better sponsors
* Buy luxury items and properties — show off your bling!
* No ads
* Just one in-app purchase to unlock the full game — the first four seasons are free
* Achievements and Leaderboards on Game Center

The game will be free to download, with no ads, and only features one in-app purchase — a Game Unlock for £2.99 which must be used after four seasons to continue. I am keen for gamers to download the game for free so they can see if they like it before buying.

You can find more info and screenshots here:

I hope to submit it to the App Store in the next couple of weeks. Any questions or comments, feel free to ask. :)

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