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So, since there was a lot of circlejerking around in the comment section, I wasn't sure if I should have addressed this issue, since everything i'd say, wouldn't be taken in consideration... Well, I'll try at least to address this issue. Try destroy everything afterwards.

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Well, everyone can see that the Mario Kart PSP Homebrew game really needs some improvement to be fun for everyone. Like, a lot of improvement. Will I be doing these improvements? That's a question for another time.

So, the issue here is that people are accusing me of "stealing" art. It is true that Mario Kart PSP has some(?) stolen content. The deal is, I mainly handled the programming, and not so much the art and graphics. If/When there will be an updated version, I'll be sure to get rid of those stolen content, since it left a bad taste in my mouth.

I used to delete comments, since it was going too off topic, but now.. I simply don't give a damn... And neither should you. It is a PSP Homebrew game, that I used to tweak with back when I was 14 years old. And if you let it bother you, that's your problem.

I'll be gladly to clarify any issue. I always respond on PM's, but I guess that shouldn't be necessary since this issue is waaaaaayyy to small worth PMing me for.


P.S. At least my 7-10 year old audience still like the Mario Kart PSP Homebrew. I have some old emails with happy parents. And that is kind of the reason, why I want(ed) to polish up this Homebrew game. To not only make it fun for children, but for everyone.

I really don't see the issue here. Pokemon fan games are in the top 10 with "stolen sprites" (as you like to call it), and nobody bats an eye. This game uses "stolen sprites" and everybody loses their minds.


I bet your "bad taste in your mouth" will turn into cry when you get a letter from Nintendos lawyers :P

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I'm not so sure about that, my friend Shigeru Miyamoto called me a while back, and said that he's a big fan of this PSP Homebrew game. He also said that Mario Kart 8 is nothing compared to this masterpiece.

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