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An introduction. Little background and everything. You know the drift.

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I got the basic idea for Scribble(WT) in a German lesson on September 3rd. Because I was bored, I drew stuff on a sheet of paper, pretty much using the Goethe poem that was printed on it as part of the level. A stick figure (or rather several, in order to show the motion) jumped across the poem and collected red diamonds (I only had three colors to choose from: Red, Blue and black. This restricts me to this very day in the design process.)
Next was a math lesson, in which I took a blank, checkered sheet and drew a little more. The result was a basic draft of the gameplay, which later that day I started coding.
With the exception of the four tutorial levels that are supposed to introduce the player to the game, every level was first drawn on a piece of paper, then copied over to GIMP (again by hand, since I don't have a scanner or similar and I wouldn'tve been able to use it either way because player, diamonds and enemies are put in game after the background) and finally imported into the game, which is directly followed by playtesting.
The process is even relatively fast. The reason why this isn't published yet has but four letters: "Wine".
No, I'm not an alcoholic. Wine is a software that allows running windows programs (such as I use for making this) on Linux, in this case Ubuntu. I had severe problems getting the program to run properly for some time. Issues were resolved, I am back and hopefully will get a 2010 release.

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