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I plan on posting these updates frequently as I'm constantly adding to the first chapter of the game. Expect nerdy stuff and boring life stuff...

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So, where do I start? By now, some of you have hopefully played the demo, and I really hope you saw more than simply a demo, I hope you saw it as a peak of what is to come.
As for development, each area of the game, the ones separated by loading screens take me at least a week each to finish, those of you who are familiar with FPSC (FPS Creator) may think that seems a little lazy, but hear me out first. I can't rush through creating this game, I have worked on games in the past, some popular, some complete failures, without getting completely off track, what I am trying to say is that creating the level design, balancing the flow of the gameplay, following a set art layout, sound design and environmental details take a long time to implement when you are a perfectionist like I am. I also have a pretty hectic personal life too so I can't always spend every day working on the game.
Good news? YEAH! There's loads! I was sat outside my house last night, smoking (I'M HEALTHY BITCHES!), and I heard the most awesome sounds of the wind howling through some trees, I ran inside to get my laptop and my mic...Lets just say ambience isn't a problem now! I have also learnt quite a bit of coding for FPSC which will help create some of the puzzles I wish to have in the finished game, as well as enemy/environmental encounters. Finally, I have been working on adding a much more realistic blanket of ground fog in the outside areas of the game. I would like to say progress is coming along greatly!

Thanks! More updates soon!

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