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I apologize for the lack of news the last few days but as Rofaxan nears completion and the next project "Prometheus" begins it has been a bit hectic to say the least...

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We are still in the process of preparing for the expected final release patch for Rofaxan for both PC and Xbox 360. It appears the last few bugs have been addressed and that the game is nearing it's best zone so there won't be any further adjustment to enemies, etc. If it's not broke don't fix it. Too many games do like Guild Wars and completely ruin a great game by over tweaking the damage systems, etc.

With "Prometheus" we are still in the early stages and are preparing an all out assault on the senses with it. This will include crowd fund raising and more, when it's time I will add a slot here to help keep people abreast of what's happening with it. We have no doubt a project of that magnitude is within our capabilities but that the funds needed for such a massive project can be acquired. We are some pretty organized developers and to pull of Rofaxan for PC with one man in 5-6 weeks is a miracle of organization.

So check back often and be sure and click the watch on IndieDB, like on Facebook at angrygam3rs, twitter at @angrygam3r1 and all our usual outlets for information and we will be posting a lot of news real soon!

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