Heres a image of a sneek peek into FNaF:Death is Back

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the image is the cover of this news artical.
so yah i love making this for you guys cuase you guys are the best
this game took a hole day to come up with the office the name
so yah please support follow me on indiedb iamcameron2000
subscribe to my youtube channel it iamcameron2000
so yah my brothers being a jerk while im typing this for you guys but still you guys are the best
i also need support so i can make images and also the download link is not out yet so dont try to download that yet until i say its done in a news artical or something
i will be putting this on gamejolt its easyer and i dont have to type 300 words too finish this new artical
this is nothing like game jolt!

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