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In this update of the scrolls of Eithador The Great War you will find out the progress which have been made on the game recently. This time it is Smithing which have came on leaps and bounds since the last update regarding it. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me the sections you like the sound of and what you think could be improved to make this game feel better.

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An Update (20th December 2013)

Progress is being made on two areas of the game at the moment which are Smithing and the Map Editor (which is only for IM The Game Runner to design the world).


The finishing touches for the main part has been done allowing for interactions with the keyboard and for objects not to be crafted when it runs out of heat. This means that this section of the game got a very small amount left to do which consist of write ups for each item and what shape you need to make. This will be done before the new year and then mining will be added to game.

Map Editor

The map editor is coming along well with the login system in-game implemented meaning that no one will be able to edit the world as they play online. The map editor will look like most 3D object making software with four views, above, left/right, front/back and 3D version with full zoom and rotation. This system will allow me to quickly make places in the game and bring things together to show the systems which are done along side one another. This will show the progress of the game a lot more clearly and make the game feel it is making progress instead of short cuts to spawn in items etc.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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