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Not a lot has happened this week/weekend, but we do have some news worth reporting!

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This weekend, I didn't get much terrain work done. Since Mulgore and Durotar are such large zones with plenty of hills and whatnot to recreate accurately, I'm going to have to subscribe my WoW account again so I can have many hours of access to the game so I can work on the terrain whenever I want on my own time. I've been using trial accounts for terraining Mulgore, but it isn't getting me far. So I've decided to start working on Orgrimmar again and hopefully finish that by the end of December... hopefully earlier! Without an actively open World of Warcraft in windowed-mode, I must resort to screenshots and videos. If you WoW players out there are interested in helping at all, I can really make use of screenshots and videos of The Drag, Valley of Wisdom, and Valley of Honor. The more screenshots and videos I have to reference back to while terraining, the better and the quicker I can get the terrain done!

Yixx has been installing Windows 7 and getting his PC all setup this week, but he'll begin working on Wc3:WoW tomorrow. Our priorities have changed today in what we're going to focus on triggering. Instead of focusing on a bunch of little systems first, we're going to try to get the arrow key movement system and adjustable camera system done as soon as possible, that way, we can begin alpha testing even sooner! (Alpha testing is restricted only to developers, FYI) After that, we'll begin working on Character Creation and other cool systems and features that will help build up towards the great infrastructure of Wc3:WoW.

Speaking of infrastructure, I've been doing a lot of cleaning up and reorganizing to make instructions for our developers easier and also to make the public understand the mod better. I'm far from done - to be quite honest, I don't think one can ever be done with organizing and cleaning! There's always so much more you can add or replace! But anyway, this means that our forums and team is becoming more organized and will able to work more efficiently than before.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide any nice screenshots since the terrain changes to Orgrimmar were very minor and I cannot get much else done until I get more references. Therefore, you guys will just have to wait until next weekend's update! (If I get any reference images or videos of The Drag, Valley of Honor, or Valley of Wisdom from Orgrimmar)

Stay tuned!

Thanks to helpful and caring users of the community such as Oohforf and Sarj14, I am able to continue working on Orgrimmar. So far, I've made some nice progress on The Drag, but I'm not satisfied with how it looks just yet... I'm hoping to be able to post screenshots of new progress with Orgrimmar this weekend.

Due to our sudden change of plans on what we're going to develop first in Wc3:WoW, there will be a slight delay in our schedule, but it will benefit the team and project a lot in the long-run. Because we're focusing on getting the mod to a playable and functional state, getting Wc3:WoW to be compatible (and therefore requiring) version the 1.24b patch has become our top priority. I've already uploaded the file and sent it to Yixx to work on it immediately tomorrow. Also, to ensure that the mod is playable for Wc3:WoW standards, Yixx is now postponing the process of completing the floating names system, mob system, and respawn system, and is instead working on a brand new 3rd person camera system that will allow the player to either adjust the camera's X and Y values with the arrow keys or allow the camera's rotation be on automatic. The player can scroll up or down to zoom in or out. When the camera is set to automatically rotate, the arrow keys will be used to move your character forward, backwards, and to turn left and right.

More news to come...


I think you can view some of the terrain with WoW Model Viewer.

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