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Just a quick message to say that things are still progressing and to give a little more information on what's being worked on.

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As often happens things are taking a little longer than I'd like thanks to my health but I am still pushing ahead. As I haven't posted for a while I thought I'd give a little more information on what's in the works.


Obviously, as it's the main focus of the update, I've been working on this, both in getting the people together to do it and setting up the code for using the sound files once recorded. So I don't have to get people together as much I'm recording voicing for the fourth faction to the game along with the existing three for the update. Adding the fourth faction is obviously a long way off but it will mean when they are implemented they should be fully voiced on release.


For the main secondary feature of the update I'm adding four new maps (major future updates after this will likely also come with one or two new maps from now on). The maps for this release are Deep Forest, a 2 player battlefield in the heart of the forests of Kel, Victory, a 2 player map in an old battleground between Suvia and the future fourth faction, Zeal, a 3 player desert map set around a town purged by the Order, and Pinnacle of Dreams, a 4 player map set around a central peak with a nightmarish secret.

Tweaks and Fixes:

As usual there will be minor gameplay and bug fixes to make things play and run more smoothly. Of note units without attacks can now still move to enemies if given attack orders so they won't be left behind when you order an army containing them to attack. This also means Overseers, who don't have a conventional attack, won't just stand and let themselves get shot, they'll engage and make use of their auras.


Whilst I won't make guarantees I'm also trying to make it easier and quicker to install the mod and make it so you don't have to move files when you want to switch between playing the mod and playing the original game


oh damn! oh God! oh damn son!
This is looking gooood! the hype train is coming

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Thanks for the support :)

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