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Once you have your skylab completely set up you will be able to send ores from your skylab to your ship which you can then use to sell for credits or to upgrade your lasers, rockets, speed generators or shields. Once your skylab is maxed at level 20 you can keep your lasers, rockets and shields perpetually boosted with Seprom which adds 60% damage to weapons and increases your shields by 40%. Skylab is key to a successful game.

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-Collect 50 of each of the primary ores: Prometium, Endurium and Terbium.
-Go to SKYLAB on your main page and move your curser over "transport module".
-In the upper right corner of this box you will see an arrow pointing left to a Goli and an arrow pointing right to a skylab. select the right arrow for skylab. This will allow you to send ore from your ship to the skylab.
- Move your curser to each of the 3 primary ore boxes and type 50 into each and click on the "send" box. Be sure you don't use the "instant send" box as this will use up uridium.
-Once the ore arrives in the 3 primary collectors purchase at least 12 robots to work in each (monitor this as the robots break down over time and need to be replaced.
-Go to the refineries on the right side of skylab and begin the construction of the prometid and duranium refineries.
-Once you have these started you can begin construction of your Promerium and Xeno modules.
-To upgrade levels begin with the basic module. Once that levels up you can level up all the others, but be sure to start with your solar module so you don't run out of power.
-To use your skylab go to the transport module, make sure the left arrow is selected allowing the ore to be transferred from skylab to your ship and type in the appropriate amount of ore (preferably Promerium as it is worth the most) and hit send. Once the ore arrives sell the ore at your base and start the next transport.

Newer members: Until you have money for a Leonov, Vengi or Goli I suggest a Big Boy with a cargo doubler. The Big Boy carries 700 units of ore and the cargo doubler naturally doubles that to 1400.

A financially impaired S1TH is a dead S1TH more often than not. Do not disappoint us.

Darth X

Cuse I can


If anyone finds any Sith related quotes that would go well with the Skylab, I`m all ears lol.

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Darth^Xerstorung Author

I'll work on it, lol.

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Darth^Xerstorung Author

How about:
"Information is a commodity. It can be traded, sold, and purchased. And in the end, credits are only as valuable as the secrets they can buy."
―Darth Bane

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