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Some little information about Skull & Bones society.

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+ The level of secrecy surrounding the group suggests they have something to hide and is excessive in comparison with other groups.
+ Hundreds of members of the sect have gone on to hold very powerful positions, including that of President. If they had banded together, a conspiracy to control America's key political and financial institutions would be within their power.
+ Former bonesmen who have left the society claim they witnessed satanic rituals and eerie ceremonies during their time inside the fraternity and its "tomb".

- No evidence has been produced to show any sort of collusion between George W Bush and John Kerry.
- There are countless other gentlemen's clubs and secret societies that do not allow their members to discuss what happens inside their meetings.
- Though the men who join the society go on to hold high office, this is not unusual. In Britain, Germany and all over the world, leaders often join elitist clubs at top universities. It is only normal for a well-respected school like Yale to produce a large number of very successful graduates.
- The planning of the Gulf and Vietnam wars was carried out by hundreds of military, diplomatic and political personal, most of whom were not members of the Skull & Bones group. These measures were also voted on by the senate and congress, where there are only a handful of bonesmen.
- There is absolutely no proof that any satanic abuse of members or non-members has ever taken place at "the tomb".

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feillyne Author

The trick isn't to commit violence inside "the tomb".

The trick is to make other people kill... do violence for whatever reason or propaganda. Any.

Roger Morneau said it well.

one person believes in God another believes in Lucifer, it's like politics.

Some people pray to Satan, some people pray to God. Quite right. Do they need to kill anybody?

No. Just spread the lie. As people believing in God (true God, not a god of christianity or any religion - a true deity, which can be believed in by any person anywhere) spread the facts. Any facts.

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" Aren't our little human sub-cultures impressive ? ", he said sarcastically.

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feillyne Author

Sub-sub-cultures... ;-P ;-D

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