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Sketch Tanks needs your help! We are trying to raise $1000.00 to fund the release of our game and buy a copy of the Unity game engine for our next game. You can pre-order the game, and also help lower the price of Sketch Tanks by donating!

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After somewhere around 9 months of part-time work, Sketch Tanks is actually almost finished! I can't wait to release it! Anyways, for those of you who don't know, Sketch Tanks is a top down 2D shooter created by Prelimse Studios that combines the mindless fun of traditional shoot ‘em up games with the addictive, difficult game play of games like The World's Hardest Game. I'll link some screenshots in the bottom of the post if you want 'em.

In order to release Sketch Tanks, buy an XNA Creator's Club license, buy a new laptop (mine is total crap), and buy a license for the Unity3D game engine for my next game, I need a lot of money, so I'm asking the indie game community to help me out! You can pre-order the game by donating money to our kickstarter project, and you can even pre-order our next, unannounced game, too! There are other rewards for donating, too. For example, you can get ad space on my website or get text of your choice in a secret room in the game, and the more money is raised, the lower the price of Sketch Tanks is at launch!! Anyways, here are some screenshots of Sketch Tanks as promised, along with some links below.

Kickstarter Project Page:

Thanks guys and girls!!!

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