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Let's take a deeper look on the game mechanics of the upcoming point'n'click adventure game "Skazka".

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Hey folks!
I think it's time to explain the gameplay mechanism and gameplay details of "Skazka"

First of all: let's take a closer look at the world the game is settled in:

You start the game with a small intro scene in the village, where your (warning: unexpected story goal ahead) wife is being captured by a evil mage and being held in his magic tower.

From now on the gameplay explanation begins:

Nothing innovative to mention in the movement engine, simple A* search algorithm, the path itself is drawn as well as the point of destination.

Tweened camera movement:

You get a "action choise" menu by clicking on a interactive item. Every single choise can affect further gameplay.

The inventory is also kept simple: open it with right click, drag a item on another one to combine both, drop the item by dragging it into the trash bin icon or use the item by clicking on it or drag onto the interactive item/npc you want to use the item to.

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