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This is for fans of both new and old clone wars. Unfortunately the show we love decided to start taking over almost the entire war messing up lots of older clone wars media. This petition is asking Mr. Lucas to fix that mistake and take greater care to make all of the clone wars media we love coexist in a more creative way.

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"Dear Mr. George Lucas,
As we approach the 35th year since the debut of the groundbreaking
Star Wars, the legacy of this monumental film and its sequels/prequels
encompass innumerable achievements, from the way films are now made and
merchandised, to the way they’re supported by fans. One of Star Wars’
most impressive achievements is the ever-growing body of literature that
sprang out of the imagination of authors, editors and illustrators from
your imagination as embodied on the big screen. Since 1978, these
intrepid men and women—some of the greatest names in Science Fiction
& Fantasy—have striven hard to harmonize, not only with the
astounding vision laid out by you, but with the works of their fellow
writers, artists and visionaries, creating something that’s rarely ever
been seen in the history of literature: a body of work that—despite its
enormity and diversity of media—is, for the main part, consistent within
itself, a vast web of interlocking tales. This high level of continuity
has been one of the greatest draws of this universe for new and old
fans, as it equates to a legitimately functioning, alternate history.
That is truly an admirable achievement, and it is owed to you for
conceiving it, and for employing a strong, smart staff to keep track of
it all, and ensure its consistent high quality.
Recently, however, there has been serious concern that this unified
tapestry is under threat due to a seemingly relaxed attitude to
continuity—particularly as it relates to the much welcomed Clone Wars
animated TV series. Many of the contradictions that the show has created
could have been identified and rectified without sacrificing the
narrative, quality or impact of the storylines. Since much of the
enjoyment of the Star Wars universe comes from the verisimilitude of the
saga—that necessary aspect of congruous historicity—a loss of this,
whether intentional or not, creates a domino effect of contradictions,
and erodes the ability for newer and older fans to confidently move
forward in their support of the saga. A fictional universe where
different stories controvert one another is not one that can long
survive, as has been demonstrated over the years by various franchises
which—taking little measure to ensure congruity—plummeted.
We, thus, politely request that tighter measures be put in place to
help protect the history present in the established Expanded Universe as
embodied in all its past stories (with the exception of the
'Infinities' tales, which are intended to be outside continuity), be
they films, novels, comics, short stories, live-action and animated TV
series. We understand that, at times, a change is necessary, or comes
about through human error. However, with the talent and creative minds
at your disposal, these can be minimized or retroactively fixed so that
years of novels and comics aren’t rendered null and void, creating the
division and resentment that has recently burst forth amongst the fan
Star Wars has enjoyed over three decades of outstanding
story-telling, allowing the universe to blossom into the unique and
wildly successful franchise that it is today. From the first sighting of
a Rebel Blockade Runner, through the dark times of the mid-‘80s, to the
birth of the new era of stories in the ‘90s, up to the prequel trilogy
and Clone Wars animated series, many have loyally followed the
franchise, and many more continue to jump in. Rather than seeing these
stalwart enthusiasts alienated, feeling that their hard-earned money was
wasted on something that’s been rendered incongruous, we would wish to
see them encouraged to delve even deeper. Star Wars can continue to grow
and expand for another 35 years and beyond, but only if you set the
example that story matters, inherent in which is respect for what has
come before, the prior stories and their authors who’ve striven hard to
live up to the high watermark that you set. We feel confident that,
while this may be challenging, your creativity and imagination, along
with those you employ, are up to this task, and will result in even
stronger, more imaginative tales to come.
We appreciate you taking the time to hear our suggestions and thoughts." Petition of the 2000
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Thanks to Delta289 for finding this petition.

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