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Are you ready to SHOOT... the latest version of shoot the dragons is now live in the App Store! Shoot the Dragons is a challenging shump game with classic gameplay. Packed with humour and modern design, Shoot the Dragons is endlessly replayable and features deep storytelling. It's more than just a game, it's an experience! "Well-Animated Horizontal Shoot 'em Up That Looks Like Fun" - TouchArcade "Super clean art style and fluid animations reminiscent of Rayman Origins" - PocketGamer

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What's changed since the last time you set foot on Pandora....?

## New systems!
1. Return Reward - As a special gift, any previous player who logs back into Shoot The Dragons will receive a special reward from us.
2. Collectable Items - Players will get collection items from obtaining collection cards. Quality collection items are used to upgrade Buddies in the new 'Quality' system. A Buddy that is collected for the second time will change into Quality collection items when a player them.

## New gameplay!
1. Buddy level increase - All Buddies can now upgrade to Level 15. When you upgrade that Buddy the collection items related to them are consumed depending on the number needed for the level of the upgrade. This won't see your Buddies current levels reduced.
2. New Buddies:
* Mus Knight Errant - The biggest fan of 'Old Daddy', with a love of Cosplay and lightning!
* Veal - A young cow rescued by Hovawart, enjoys sugar and spitting out his dummy at enemies!
3. Buddy Collector - Use your 1 or 2-star Buddies to swap for 2 or 3-star collection items ( You need have the Buddy). Players can sell 1 or 2-star collection items to generate coins. Buddy Collector unlocks when a player completes Mission Set 7
4. 'Quality' System + Quality collection items - Buddies now have 5 qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Superior, Epic. To increase a Buddies 'Quality' level you need to collect Quality collection items.
5. Quality Skills - 8 Buddies currently have the skills: Ninja Mouse, Mus Knight Errant, Thanatos, Hovawart, Sword Song Duck, Octopus Baby, Mud Mage and Pompon. All the skills are off-device triggered, move your finger off the device to power-up and touch again to use.
6. Power-up! - Players can now use coins and collection items together to further power up their Buddies attack damage.
7. The Lucky Spin, every time you defeat a boss you will receive Spin Stones, which allows you to play The Lucky Spin and win a variety rewards!
8. World Map - In order to help new starters, we've added a world map, improved our guide system and split the game into 4 chapters. Players current mission level will determine their chapter.
9. Missions - Players can't skip Missions by spending coins. Once all complete 30 missions are completed a revolving set of missions then take over in the missions you are given.

## Upgrades / Gameplay Changes
1. Buddy Boxes reborn - Now opening a Buddy Box gets a Buddy instead of collection items. Buddies will be replaced with Quality collection items if you already have them. We have also cut the price of all the Buddy Boxes... what are you waiting for?
2. Events - Divided into 3 different event classes and each will have their own recharge times.
3. Unlocking Buddies - This was previously done through the League system. Now though they will unlock through Buddy Boxes, completing missions and earning achievements.
4. We optimised the UI showing the Buddies’ buff for the Heroes attack damage. We reduced the figure to 10% of the previous builds. Actual attack buffs won't drop, we are just neatening up things.
5. The secret command was removed now.

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