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From impoverished Ashigaru soldiers marching through silver grass, to intense castle sieges raging through the night, the Shokuho team has prepared a gameplay video showcasing the significant progress we have made on the mod. This video is a celebration of everything we love about feudal Japan. Please enjoy!Shokuho is a total conversion mod for the video game Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. Set in feudal Japan in 1568, you will play as a samurai roaming across the turbulent Sengoku Jidai, right after the vicious Onin War. Play to expand and conquer the vast islands of Japan to establish your name and build a legacy worthy of remembrance in this warring state era.Join our discord server through the link below:

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echuu - - 578 comments

This is absolutely incredible.

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mikeboix - - 653 comments

Amazing work, it looks great! The map looks super deatailed, I love it!

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JackLEventreur - - 133 comments

Just EPIC !!! can't wait :p

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LokiPhur - - 6 comments

Yummi in my tummi

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Guest - - 688,657 comments

I haven't been this hyped about a mod since I was a child. I loved every second of the video, and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on an EA release!

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hirotwo - - 1 comments

I can't wait!!! this mod looks very nice and detailed!!

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PeterSAnnie - - 1 comments

The birth of this module makes me want to quote a poem by Oda Nobunaga. In the past 50 years, the human world has been bustling with people,floating dreams,famous names, and the annihilation of achievements and failures.It is just a fate.

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Winior - - 1 comments

Looks so good, I just can't wait to play it

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Mechoyu - - 44 comments

curious how your gunna balance ranged combat with the absence of shields in this, givin the ai is loads better at aiming here than in warband, making armor more tanky? bows less accurate somehow? cavalry far more available than it was in this time period for balance to counter them better? whenever someone inevitably makes a deployable pavise script for, lat/high medieval period mod number 935, i so hope you guys pick it up to put into tate shields for the gunners/archers in this. seeing an arrayed line of clan-crest-emblazoned mini walls with a buncha gunpowder smoke and arrows flying out from behind them before the mass charge of fancy spearheads and banners would ad so much to the atmosphere of this mod's field battles :D

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Guest - - 688,657 comments

It's July 22nd 2023, where is the MOD?

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Dawa_ - - 51 comments


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Guest - - 688,657 comments

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Sire149654 - - 1 comments

how do I download this mod looks cool where do I download this mod I can not find where to download.

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