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The monthly regular, Ships Of Excalibur, returns with a tribute to the warrior race!

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A Klingon sighting...

Devastat - - 85 comments

If you make a remake the Bridge Commander I will pay you money to play your game(unlike the usual visit to teh Pirate Bay).
If you make a better game I'll probably sell my soul for it.
I dare you to do even better!

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megas - - 79 comments

just so you know the group working on this made several of the best mods for bridge commander, like the DS9FX mod. and they even tried adding star trek elite force stuff to it but sadly failed so they started making their own game.

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Devastat - - 85 comments

Awesome.) I realy hope they will finish their project. A LOT of cool stuff doesn't get to release and I am sick of CoD and BF overflowing the games market. Especially in the Star Trek department. BC was the last good ST game I can remember.
Sovereign FTW!!!

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Da-Fort - - 265 comments

So much want right now.

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FlyingDutchman123321 - - 7 comments

This looks absolutely stunning! Can't wait for this game to come out!

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CaptainShack - - 127 comments

Very impressive looking! Can't wait to see more.

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mangomango999 - - 202 comments

Shack when are you going to upload part 2 of the CTA Armada you just did? Poor Gul Dukat. So sad.

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